domingo, janeiro 29, 2006


S.I.G.L.A.S.: Scientist-Injuring, Geek-Lacerating Abomination of Spite

R.I.C.A.R.D.O.: Robotic Intelligent Construct Assembled for Repair and Dangerous Observation
A.M.O.R.A.: Angel Made for Orgasms and Rapturous Affection
B.I.S.S.A.: Bloke Imparting Sensual Stimulation and Affection
L.U.L.A.: Lycanthrope from the Underground Legendary Abbey
P.U.T.A.: Princess Undertaking Touches and Affection
F.E.D.E.R.A.L.: Functional Electronic Device Engineered for Repair and Accurate Learning
V.I.D.A.: Virile Individual Delivering Affection
M.O.R.T.E.: Malevolent, Orphan-Reaping Terror of Emotion
I.N.U.T.I.L.: Intelligent Networked Utility and Thorough Infiltration Lifeform
I.B.E.: Intelligent Biomechanical Entity
I.B.E.: Investigator-Beheading Enigma
I.B.E.: Individual Bestowing Embraces
L.O.L.: Logical Observation Lifeform
L.O.L.: Lover Offering Loving
M.H.S.: Marvelous Handsome Seductress
M.H.S.: Monster from the Haunted Sanctuary
M.H.S.: Machine Hardwired for Sabotage
H.A.C.K.Y.: Handcrafted Artificial Construct Keen on Yelling
H.A.C.K.Y.: Hunk Administering Carnal Kisses and Yeses
C.U.: Charming Unit

12 comentários:

  1. Que foda! o.o
    Siglas são legais.

  2. C.A.M.I.L.A.: Cutie Adeptly Made for Intense Loving and Affection

  3. C.A.M.I.L.A.: Cutie Adeptly Made for Intense Loving and Affection

  4. L.U.C.A.S
    Lover Undertaking Carnal Arousing Stimulation


  5. P.E.D.R.O: Part of Engines Dropped by a Religious Order.

    junk stuff. Obrigado.

  6. ricardo.
    você não vai atualizar esta "bosta ao cubo"
    pr'agente cuspir em cima?
    digo, eu?
    te amo.

    quando eu dizia que você escreve mal, era mentira.
    mas que enjôa... enjôa.

    um prrffffttttzzzz na bochecha.

  7. Se enjoa, pra que você quer atualização?

    Seu burro.

  8. gosto de ler (:
    e saber o que se passa na cabeça dos outros...
    acho que é isso.