quarta-feira, outubro 21, 2009

despedida, parte 7.

To kill oneself or not to kill oneself? That is the question for this suicide survivor. Frankly, one of the reasons I participate in griefnet is to remind myself that the pain of a survivor seems at times to be more than that of the person who killed themselves in the first place. When a person kills themselves they are thinking only of their pain and not the extreme pain of those left behind. No matter how black my world may seem at times, I have to remember that it is even darker for a suicide survivor. I have started my own list of reasons to kill myself, and even with a whole list of reasons, I couldn’t do it, because my pain would infect all those innocents left behind, where it would fester and grow to unimaginable intensity, only those on this site know just how intense that pain can get. Do I want my friends and family to have reason to join this site – the answer is NO. So I keep coming back to refresh my own pain, if you will, and remember that suicide is not the answer.

It is also evident that drugs and alcohol are often a factor in someone making the final, impulsive decision. So I am warned to stay away from drugs and alcohol, especially on the darkest of days when it wouldn’t take much to push one over the edge. Seems in those cases its the drug making the decision. In some way, part of my anger at my brother is the simple fact that he killed himself FIRST so now I can’t, because now I know what it is like for those still living. I don’t think he meant to leave a legacy of such intense pain behind, he just wanted out of his own mental anguish. I must say to myself all those things I would have said to him, had I known he was that desperate. Even though I have somewhat healed from my own experience, I keep coming back to remember where I came from – a unique, unholy hell here on earth. No matter how much I hurt, I cannot send anyone else there. Because I am a survivor, suicide is no longer an option for me.

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