domingo, abril 25, 2010

Parede rosa, estante colorida!

O how many books in front of me
like, you know,
they make me smile and sneeze
so happy I am i've read them
and've learnt how to think like them

it's just like eschistosomosis (is this right?)

I mean... why not?

If only they werent so dusty, damn them.

i mean

they make bad for me lungs
english facilities

turn right and you are there

follow my footprints, they are written, they are massive, they are pretty more Adornistic than Godlessnistic as if Swift was still alive, holding his guts against a crazy-eyed iron Man fighting Sysyphus once again.


its so

it's soul


confuse for me having to write this while being so so below them

those books
lurking at me
not knowing that I cant' even


undertand what they are talking about
and in which language
they try to speak to us

no europe im fine with europe

cortázar and rosa on the sameless self
shame shelf

o poor ghost
i dont know
if I am taking you to the Ball

or if I'm gonna bring the fucking ball to you.

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